The Most Affordable Float Plan Charters in Yellowknife

We offer a wide variety of float plane charter service on our Cessna 185 aircraft. Yellowknife provides a great hub to access the best fishing and hunting spots in North America. Let us provide you with an unparalleled custom experience for your air service needs to your favorite spot. The Cessna 185 also provides you with a great payload perfect for mining exploration trips.

Our Aircraft

Open Water Charters operates the Cessna 185 aircraft on straight floats or wheels. We are the most affordable option for float plane charters in Yellowknife while still offering you a great payload. The Cessna 185 can accommodate up to three passengers and all the gear you need for a great adventure into the wilderness. We offer the option for all passengers to have their own headset, this gives you the freedom to communicate comfortably with each other during the flight. The planes are meticulously maintained with new paint and interiors. The seats can be removed to offer a large space for all your equipment on those mining exploration trips.  We also have float compartments that add to the cargo area. Please feel free to inquire about the payload we can offer you to your destination.

Turner Lake